Ando's Thinky Time Podcast Episode 17: My new Project and the Denver Nuggets

Ando's Thinky Time Podcast Episode 16: Bath Time Story

Ando's Thinky Time Podcast #15: Huffing Beauty with DSH Perfumes

Ando's Thinky Time Podcast #14: More with McCormick

Ando's Thinky Time Podcast #13: Update

Ando's Thinky Time Podcast #12: The Good Doctor

Ando's Thinky Time Podcast #10: Ando Walks with Me Ando Talks with Me

Ando's Thinky Time Podcast #9: More Witchcraft w/ Kat

Ando's Thinky Time Podcast #8: Kat the Witch Spells it Out

Ando's Thinky Time Podcast #7: The Safety of Our Nest with Mike Butler

Ando's Thinky Time Podcast #6:Justice for Batman?

Ando's Thinky Time Podcast #5: Bath Time Story

Ando's Thinky TimePodcast #4: Sexual healing with Lynnie Jean

ANDO'S Thinky Time Podcast #3: Fishing with Kristina and the Robots

ANDO'S Thinky Time Podcast #2 with Josh Goldberg

ANDO'S Thinky Time Podcast #1 with Karen McCormick

Episode #40: State Congressman Jonathan Singer

Episode #39: David Simons (the nifty thrifty)

Episode #38: Michael Wiebold and Michael Wooten (loyalty and broship)

Episode #37: Brandon James (a dab'll do ya)

Episode #36: Kimi Hendrix (the peaceful badass)

Episode #35: Lindsey Karnuth (welcome to LindseyLand)

Episode#34: Jessica Shaw (best buddy)

Episode #33: Jiva Essential Wellness (high class hippies)

Episode #32: Native Station (excellent band)

Episode #31: Danny Shafer (local legend)

Episode 30: Ted Risk & Martha Rose-Bartles (WIBBY Brewing)

We love these guys and the beer they make. 


Episode 29: Bret Batterman (The Pajama Room)

Bret is one of the best sound men in the community. In this episode we learn how Bret got to Longtucky. 


Episode 28: Mark Sample (Samples World Bistro)

Mark is a great guy and a wonderful interview. Check it out!


Episode 27: Antonio Lopez (Musician)

Antonio is a god friend and wonderful musician. Check him out online and grab his latest album!


Episode 26: Dan and Jean Ditslear (300 Suns Brewing)

We love these guys. They brew amazing beers and are themselves amazing.


Episode 25: Brian Bagley (City Council/ Bagley Law Firm)

On July 21st  at 300 suns at 6pm Brian Will debate Andy over the issue of Star Wars v Star Trek. Andy will be taking the Trek side. 

Episode 24: Dave Hartman (Animal Enthusiast/ Artist)

Davie is a super fascinating and talented artist. He's also an active member of LHAG (The Left hand Artist Group).




Episode 23: Joanne Kirves (Arts Longmont)

Director of Arts Longmont sits down and talks Longmont Arts!


Episode 22: Ukulele Dave (Dueling Ukes)

Dave is the man. We love him. You will too. 



Episode 21: Josh Goldberg (Left Hand Brewing)

Josh is a good buddy and also the event coordinator for Left Hand Brewing. 


Episode 20!!: Matt Gutshall

Episode 19: Tim Ostdiek

Episode 18: Nick O'Connor

Episode 17: Jake's Bumbu Bali

Episode 16: FoxFeather

Episode 15: The Miners Ghost

Episode 14: Bub Comedy

Episode 13: Christina Cappelletti

Episode 12: Sean Flynn

Season 2! Episode 11: Cat Jerky

Episode 10: Brian Rezac

 In which the Scholars talk beer and open mics with Brian "drunken Santa" Rezac. 


Episode 9: Don Wilson


In which the Scholars talk about The Left Hand Artist Group in their wonderful city with one of their closest friends in the universe. 





Episode 8: Bonnie Sims

In which the Scholars chat with the concentrated light and sweetness that is Bonnie Sims and hear the tales of a sassy baby tornado. 





Episode 7: Mr. Taylor Sims

In which the Scholars fawn over their favorite guitar player in the world. 



Episode 6: Travis Bush

In which the Scholars are eaten by a coyote and shit off a cliff with a good friend. They also discuss Longmont and the origin of the band Thunk!



Episode 5: Sharon Glassman

In which our heroes enter into an experimental marital situation and try to book a three way with one of the busiest ladies in town. Sharon Glassman gives the scholars a much needed break from male guests. 


Episode 4: Denny Driscoll

In which the tug is the drug. Ye ol' Prairie Scholars sit down with one of their best friends in Longmont, Mr. Denny Driscoll. In this episode Denny teaches the Scholars about fishing.



Episode 3: Craig Cornett


In which The Prairie Scholars talk to an old friend... whom they have known for quite some time... about songwriting, art making and Longmont stuff. 

Episode 2: Inside Longmont

In which The Prairie Scholars document those who document the community and discuss photography, journalism and anthropology. 



Episode 1: The Prairie Scholars Podcast!

In which The Prairie Scholars introduce themselves and the show before taking a perilous journey through the past. 



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