Tim Ostdiek: Temporary Home

Tim Ostdiek : Temporary Home


Tim Ostdiek, the beloved Longmont songwriter, has partnered up with one of Colorado’s best producers Justin Roth to create a very comfortable, subtle and beautifully orchestrated collection called “Temporary Home”. The album is five purposeful songs that have all been summed up for us on the back of the album itself:


“This album represents a time of transition, heartbreak, loss, healing, and hope in my life. I hope it finds meaning in yours.”


I love it when artists are clear with their intention. It takes away the bullshit guessing game as to what the art means or in what context to listen to it. I think a lot of artists hide behind vagueness in their lyrics and don’t really use them to communicate any particular message. Tim is up front about not only the context of this musical collection but also about his goal in making it. He clearly says that he hopes it finds meaning in your life. I can genuinely say that it has done so in mine.


One of the real stand-out tracks in this collection is the very memorable “Learn to Live Again”. This tune starts out with some beautifully recorded acoustic guitar and Tim’s gentle, almost timid vocals. From there the song slowly blooms into its fullness some dirty electric guitar and a very well orchestrated string section. The songwriter seems perfectly comfortable in the mix and doesn’t trip all over himself like so many singers when they get into the studio. Tim Ostdiek is a confident yet gentle singer with massive talent both in his musicality and his lyricism.


Another track that I think makes this collection really shine is “Still a Fool”. It’s another intimate song with lots of close sounding vocals, growing cymbals, and spacy electric guitar feedback in the background. Tim has such a romantic way of performing these songs. His performance is a huge part of my enjoyment of this collection. This song is very well written and churns up feelings of loss and the desire for resolution.


Please make time to go and buy “Temporary Home” from our friend Tim at his website or at one of his many live performances here on the Front Range of Colorado. http://www.timostdiek.com