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The Prairie Scholars Biography

Who are The Prairie Scholars?

The Prairie Scholars, which formed in 2010, is a songwriting duet from the high plains of Texas currently living and performing in lovely Colorado. The Band is made up of husband and wife team, Andy and Jessica Eppler. Their hyper-prolific songwriting has been captured in multiple all-original albums which have received glowing reviews, both locally and internationally. With their focus on their community in Boulder County, The Prairie Scholars have worked hard to be a benefit to not only local listeners, but businesses as well, by driving tourism and out of town business into their beloved city of Longmont. The Longmont Times Call featured them in a story saying "The Prairie Scholars have been a community booster ever since they arrived from their native Texas several years ago."

The Prairie Scholars have had the pleasure of working with and performing alongside some wonderful artists in the past few years including Butch Hancock, Paula Nelson, Chris Daniels and The Kings, The Yawpers, Spring Creek Bluegrass Band and Bonnie & the Clydes. 

Chiefly recording artists, The Prairie Scholars produce all of their recordings from their home recording studio in their little blue house on the hill in Longmont. Andy serves as the recording engineer for the various albums they regularly release every year. 

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Honest, aggressive and passionate The Prairie Scholars document in their music a journey out of the flatlands and into the world in search of a home. Jessica, a Sweetwater, TX native, moved to Levelland, TX upon enrolling at South Plains College. She quickly earned the respect of her peers with her captivating songwriting and classically inspired musicality. While at school she met Andy who had also been making a name for himself as a prolific songwriter by incessant recording and performing in nearby Lubbock, his birthplace. Soon the two were married and began producing material. In 2009 they packed their bags and moved to lovely Longmont, CO. In Longmont, The Prairie Scholars found a community that was supportive and encouraging which made making the art much easier. Since moving to Longmont, The Prairie Scholars and have released several collections: Strangers in the Modern Era (2010), Live Wires (2010), The Wasteland Ramble (2012), Live Wires II (2013), Wasted Tracks (2013) and 100 Year Flood (2013).

The Prairie Scholars are active supporters of their local community and are proud to make their home on the Front Range of Colorado.

Upcoming Events:

  • April 28, 2017
    High Hops Brewing ,  Windsor, CO
  • April 29, 2017
    Wolverine Farm letterpress and Publick House ,  Fort Collins, CO
  • April 30, 2017
    Samples World Bistro ,  Longmont, CO

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