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Episode 9: Don Wilson


In which the Scholars talk about The Left Hand Artist Group in their wonderful city with one of their closest friends in the universe. 





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I think that work was by one of the other Left Hand Art Group's Artists. I've seen it too. Amazing. There's a Buddy Holly that was cool too. I'll see if I can find where that dude is hanging his work this month.
Ok, so was listening to the podcast...diner was quiet...and when Jessica said Don was chiseled...I had to go and look...and sure enough his facebook page has a shirtless photo!!!! Woohoo, don't tell Keith! But thats not important...whilst listening to the chat, I looked over some of his art...spotted one that I simply have to see in person!!!! Johnny Cash. I might be mistaken that he was the artist on that one, but I have a Johnny Cash story!!!!!! I only tell it when I really feel like impressing fans!!!

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