Taylor Shae: Something To Prove

Taylor Shae: Something to Prove


I’m very late on this write up due to my surprisingly busy winter but I want to come back and write about this young lady and her great record because I think the attention is well deserved. Taylor Shae is a high school songwriter who regardless of her age somehow has a badass band and great material to pair with it on this collection of songs. She’s got a soulful voice and a very mature sounding approach to her performance. This doesn’t sound like some little girl on her little guitar. Her band, which is surprisingly technical and groovy, is a bit of a mystery. This is a home recording. That’s important to keep in mind as I make the following comments. The band is credited on the liner notes only as RD. Now I like to think I know a lot of the producers on the Front Range and I’m pretty sure I don’t know an RD. I wish I did. This dude is a killer drummer, bassist, and guitarist. Wherever you are out there RD, you did a great job not only playing your instruments but also engineering and mastering the record.


Taylor plays a variety of instruments here as well including guitar, piano, and alto saxophone.  She’s obviously put in the required practice time on several aspects of her craft to become very proficient. She’s not just being played over by the backing band. That’s what you might hear in other albums by artist in this age group. Taylor is still the main feature and focus. I’d say that more than anything what’s showcased in this collection is the varied and passionate vocal performance. Taylor has got a really nice voice that is used well in these songs.


One favorite tune of mine in this collection is the slow jam “Can’t Fool Your Heart”. It’s got a nice melody line and solid lyrics but what really blew my mind was the saxophone and guitar solos. Tasteful and exciting, they show how well Taylor controls her tones on different instruments. She must have a great mind for complimentary sounds and melody. That skill will likely serve her well in the years to come. Lucky her. Lots of full-grown adults couldn’t compose these parts as well as she has.


If you would like to hear what is possible for young people now who are growing up around recording technology than this is a great album to pick up. You’ll be amazed at the level of quality recording and songwriting found herein. The Album is called “Something To Prove”. Pick it up at her website taylorshaemusic.com as soon as you can.