Native Station: Bones and All

Native Station: Bones and All Our new friends Greg Benton and Thomas Troutt (Native Station) are just about to release their first album since moving into town a few months ago. It’s a decidedly upbeat and unique collection titled “Bones and All”. The album art is a striking portrait of a large white polar bear that has blood spattered across its face. The art is by our good buddy Bunk Hess and I think it blends well with the vibe of the songs.


These tunes are mostly orchestrated around the rhythm and lead electric guitars, which have a sort of crispy and chiming kind of quality to them. When I listened to the first track “All My Friends” I wasn’t sure I liked the tone of that rhythm guitar but once the rest of the band clicked into place on the track I found it to be a really nice mix. The crispiness of the electric guitars layer in nicely against the fat ass bass tones being played by Brett Cunningham. “All My Friends” turned out to be a favorite of mine from this collection. It’s catchy. It’s one of those songs you’ll hear in the back of your mind when you get up in the morning. Thomas Troutt plays lead guitar in the band and he seems to really be in his element on this recording. He keeps a nice melodic energy moving in the song and with the help of drummer Nick Solga (a badass rhythmic back bone for these tunes) this song is crafted in to a wonderful centerpiece for the album. As a medium-high intensity song, it sets the stage nicely for the other work in this collection. The songs do vary a bit from here in intensity but the underlying tone is maintained from this first track throughout. That’s a very positive thing.


In the next song “Idioms are for Idiots (Fast and Furious)” the rock and roll vibe that the album art seems to promise comes into full effect. The tune hits all the sweet spots you would want it to. It has lots of good gritty singing, big distortion laden feedback tones from the guitars, blazing solos, driving bass, and drum fills that explode in the momentum of the song creating an effect like a burning freight train loaded down with fireworks. It’s a “fuck yeah” kind of song and it leaves nothing on the table. It’s worth the price of admission all by itself.


The third tune I want to quickly mention in this is “Runarounds”, which starts out with a lone electric guitar strumming a crisp and slightly distorted chord change. It is the kind of intro you might have heard in some of those classic tunes of the 1990’s in a Matchbox 20 album or something. This song really pushes that button for me. That’s a good thing in my book. I’m not saying that this song is 90’s themed or anything but that intro really does seem like the kind of intro you heard on the radio back then. Good shit.

This collection was recorded at Side 3 Studios and was engineered by Mr. Andy Flebbe. I recommend hitting up Native Station on Facebook to follow news of the release of this great record.