Lindsay Boreing's New Work

Lindsay Boreing: A Cautionary Tale


A Concept Album with a Unique and Creative Approach


My first artist up for a write up is, and this will come as no surprise, from the town of my own birth, Lubbock, Texas. She is the lovely and talented Lindsay Boreing and her new album is called “A Cautionary Tale”. The album is a decidedly conceptual piece. It caries a “Halloween” type theme throughout and is mixed with what I might call a slightly nebulous gypsy cabaret music. It’s a very dramatic collection in almost a musical theater kind of way. Lindsay’s sultry delivery of these somewhat spooky tunes is a great combination and makes for fun listening.


The first song, “Dig”, starts out with a shovel rhythmically digging in rocky soil and eventually builds into a large and rather intricate production. It feels like a soundtrack from a Broadway Musical. Instantly, you can hear the mean, creamy tones of a Scott Faris recording. Lindsay couldn’t have picked a better producer/engineer for this project than my friend Scott. He has a way of keeping his foot on the gas pedal of an album that makes the material more exciting and emotional. This spooky vibe on “A Cautionary Tale” is right up his alley in a serious way. The album benefits hugely from the pairing of the material and the producing team at FarisWheel Productions. This intricacy and energy of this union flow through the whole collection while still finding space for big empty room reverb between accent points in the songs. 


In the second track, “Shake Me”, a more distorted electric guitar and more reverb and delay fill the soundscape with haunting dissonance. I remember this song from a few years back when Lindsay was just piecing it together and I remember thinking it had potential but I was wondering how it would all come together. It came together very well. It has a sort of distorted melting feeling tempered with loud purposeful drums, which drive up the emotional impact of the piece.


The third song in the collection is, I think, by far the best listen. It is titled “Bury my Bones” and features some great playing from the backing band. This fucking song is worth the price of admission by itself. The band is swinging heavily to the rough acoustic end of the spectrum and Lindsay is comfortably at her most seductive. It’s like if Jessica Rabbit had a side project with Andy McCoy.


The fourth tune is, I think, the creepiest in the bunch. Titled “Watcher in the Woods”, the song is very Disney soundtrack meets crypt keeper beat-poet. It’s a nice conclusion to the concept album. It’s a straight ahead ghost story and features a very unsettling intro you’ll have to hear for yourself.


Featured performers are: Phlip Coggins (local legend that he is), Will “Sexy-Lips” Boreing, Alejos Anaya, Guy Harrison, Sean Frankhouser, Seth Ramirez, Blake Vera, Addie Claire Wilson, Stephanie Long, D'Etta Brown & Scott & Amy Faris. 


It’s a short record at only four songs but I find that fewer songs on a collection usually entails more purposeful work. I think that is the case here. The collection is fun, intricate, energetic and a good choice when looking for something unique and maybe a little creepy in the winter months. 

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