Foxfeather: Foxfeather

Foxfeather: Foxfeather
Over the last several years Foxfeather has earned the respect and attention of music lovers all over the Front Range. I suspect that their popularity will only grow now that they have released their new self-titled album “Foxfeather”. This 11 song collection is a follow up to the well received first collection which was titled “Foul Moon” (wrote about it here on and some of the same flavors are found here though this new release has a decidedly different tone. Its dark, slow to medium tempo songs really help showcase the lyrical content and the warmer feel that the band seems interested in this time around.

Here’s the line-up for this collection: Carly Ricks Smith on vocals, Laura Paige Stratton on acoustic guitar, piano, & backing vocals, Patrick Coleman on bass and violin, Ben Batchelor on drums, Ian Hendrick on electric guitar
Producer was Jagoda, Sound Engineer and Mixer was Jay Elliott from Boulder at Introvertigo Studio
Mastered at G&J audio in Union City, New Jersey

This album features Carly singing the sultry lead vocal on all the tracks, which provides a nice cohesive feel across the collection. Carly has an iconic voice that takes the center stage with grace and a certain unique brand of elegant desperation. It makes sense that the band would choose to feature her so prominently here. Laura has a really great voice as well but seems content to harmonize in the background and focus on guitar in these songs. These women make great songwriting partners and the depth of their talent is really the center focus of the album. The new songs are catchy and the more familiar songs sound fully actualized. As for the new band that the ladies have backing them up… they are predictably awesome. The band supports the performance of the two front-ladies with a subdued energy that always seems ready to rip loose if given the signal.

One of the stand out tunes here is “Read in a Book”, which has a really nice open sound to it. The piano here is one of the highlights of the whole album. It is gentle and mixes in with the acoustic guitar perfectly. It’s really well recorded and well utilized in the song without being the centerpiece.

Another great tune on here is “Yellow”, which has a chorus that is worth the price of admission. It is catchy and possibly the most familiar to folks who live here where Foxfeather does their regular shows. Full of nice chords and solid harmonies, this song will be one of the first you show to someone when you want to show them what this band can do.

Make sure you go to your favorite digital retailer or a live show and buy this album as soon as you can. It is very much worth your time.