Flynn & Co: Lost Love

Flynn & Co. : Lost Love


This album came out about a year ago today and it was one of the best things that came out in Boulder County last year. I wanted to write about it on this site but due to our crazy schedule last year I just didn’t get around to it. I’m going to write about it now though because it’s the one year anniversary of the release and because I just feel way too guilty about now shining more light on this most excellent recording.


Lost Love is a lonesome sounding collection of catchy songs that are filled with grit, heartache, and reverb. The songwriter’s name is Sean Flynn and he is one of Longmont’s most popular performers. Sean’s backing band of Mellissa Joy (Upright Bass, Vocals) and Brooks Steele (Electric Guitar, Vocals) are joined on this collection by Dexter Payne (Clarinet on “Lonely Canyons”), Giselle Collazo (Wonderful Vocals) and our old buddy Alex Johnstone (Mandolin on “Love of Mine”). The mixture of instrumentalists is really nice and everyone’s playing seems both controlled and passionate. The tone-master at the recording desk is another good friend of ours named Bret Batterman. Bret has a great studio called The Pajama Room, which is where the group took their recordings after first capturing them in the very hip and quiet Still Cellars Distillery in Longmont. Brett and the band wanted the main tracks recorded in the Still Cellars venue because of the unique sound of the place and probably also because of the easy access to libations. The great cavernous sound comes across on the album and really does add a sense of depth and space to a very sparsely orchestrated album.


The album starts out with the big and gritty tones of Sean Flynn belting out the first few lines of “Desert Highway” into that cavernous reverb that seems to just barely fade away into that dark space before the next line comes in. The band kicks in strongly seeming to chomp at the bit to get the song rolling. The energy they pour on takes the listener from wide-open desert emptiness to raging down that scorched highway screaming toward the coast with Mr. Flynn at the wheel. The song is the story telling type and I’ll not spoil it for you except to say that reaching the ocean may not play out like you may like. It’s a great song that makes strong promises for the rest of the album.


Another really standout tune on here is “Lonely Canyons”. This is a slow and sweet one that features the most heartrending clarinet you have ever heard. The first line in the song is “ Fear corrodes my dreams tonight…”, which draws the listener in on an emotional level and sets the stage for one of the best songs from Boulder County in years. It’s one of those “stare out the window and zone out” kind of tunes. Sad? Yup. Hopeful too? Oh, yes. The mix of the smooth clarinet and the roughly textured vocals create a wonderful contrast especially in the final third of the song.


The album wraps up with “Bottles and Flasks”, which features a few great meandering electric guitar solos and tons of reverb-laden vocals. It’s the longest song on the album but it’s also the one you’ll replay instantly upon its completion.  It’s the perfect ending for such an emotionally diverse collection. It leaves the listener swimming in beautiful harmonies, which float through the wide-open church sanctuary-like atmosphere. The song will easily live in your memory for weeks on end much like the other songs in this collection.


Take some time to catch Sean Flynn out there at his shows which you can find on his website


I hope you go buy this really great local art. We are lucky to have this guy in our community.