Danny Shafer: Weddings, Floods and Funerals

Danny Shafer:

“Weddings, Floods and Funerals”


Danny Shafer was the first musician I met when I toured through Colorado for the first time. I had googled “Songwriter Boulder” and his name was not only the first to pop up but one of the only names to pop up. See, this was back in 2007 and still three years away from the beginning of this current songwriter boom we are experiencing now. Danny, I would soon discover, had a sterling reputation as a Front Range Legend and as a very busy artist too. He is also genuinely one of the nicest and most respectable men I’ve ever met. We chatted a while at his open mic in Boulder and traded cds before parting ways. I popped that disc into my car while driving out the rest of my tour through this beautiful state and ever since then the music of Danny Shafer has seemed like the essence of this area to me.


I’m very pleased to be able to report that Danny’s new album “Weddings, Floods and Funerals” still very much rings of that true Front Range spirit. Danny’s gentle and friendly nature really does take center stage in this collection. His vocal performances feel like very comfortable living room performances. They do have variety as far as intensity is concerned (this is not a one note album) but the feel of the actual singing is very human and not overly produced. I love that kind of thing. I love for an album to have a “sense of space”. Some locally recorded albums sound like someone fell asleep on the reverb nob (my albums are guilty here) and they use that to fill in for the sense that these instruments are living in the same room. “Weddings, Floods and Funerals” keeps a wonderfully consistent collection of tones throughout and never leaves that home-feel. Praise be to Danny and his producer Robert Tarantino. 


One standout track is the album opener “Hardwood Floor”. This song is as catchy as herpes in a college town. Featuring a wonderfully spacious mix of acoustic instruments and pedal steel, this song has stayed in the forefront of my mind for a long long time now. I can’t seem to shake it even when I’d like to be sleeping. Danny has an amazing mind for melody and this song is a prime example of why he is one of the most beloved artists in the area.


The truth is that this album is filled with songs that will make you say, “Hot Damn! They DO still make good songs in this day and age!” It’s a songwriters album with heart and a sense of genuine sweetness at its core. Excellent musicianship from the backing band only adds to already fantastic material. Make time to pick this album up soon.  


Make sure to also go out and support Danny Shafer at his numerous local shows and go visit his website DannyShafer.com.