Connor Magyar writes a wonderful collection of new tunes


Connor Magyar: Somewhere Between


I’m so glad to be sitting down again for one of these write-ups. We have been really really busy this year and I’m sorry to say that I haven’t made time lately to update this blog with fresh content. Albums have been coming out locally but I just haven’t carved out the time to write about them. I’ve been too busy with gigs, painting and my own recordings that I have neglected you, dear reader. I am sorry. I intend to make a fresh effort.


As I write this I am recovering from a surgery called a vasectomy, which is a surgery intended to prevent society from crumbling. Since I am mostly sitting around in my underwear with ice on my balls and the sublime mix of pain pills and weed in my consciousness, I’ve decided to sit back and catch up on an album or two.


A few months ago our friend Connor Magyar released a very intimate collection of ten home recordings called “Somewhere Between”. I say “very intimate” but these songs aren’t all slow and sad like you might be thinking. The performances are personal and raw. It doesn’t sound like the radio’s polished up bullshit. It sounds like a real person sharing himself. This collection feels like sitting in your living room late at night with a good friend as he plays for you. That’s how I’d recommend you listen to this collection, in fact. Play it at a reasonable volume on some speakers across the room and let the tones kind of fill up the space like it would if he were there with you. Then sit down with a whisky and a joint on the sofa and enjoy.


Now you may have heard of Connor before because he writes for a great local website called “The Longmont Compass”. Connor writes for a living and that really comes through in his music. You can tell through his lyrics that he is an intelligent and thoughtful person. He communicates very well. There is very little ambiguity in these songs, which is refreshing. He’s really good at helping you track along with him through a story and that is a rare and wonderful thing.


One of the stand out tracks here is the gritty story tune “Enola Gay”. If you know your history you’ll know that this song is set in pretty strange times when the good guys did terrible things. The tune is a chomping minor key stained retelling of the experience through the eyes of the pilots. I love a good story song and this one is both horrific and very personal for the pilot characters.


Another great tune on this disc is the title track “Somewhere Between”. It’s a good late night drinking song if you like that kind of thing (I do). With a very relaxing and easygoing melody. I found it really easy to melt into my recliner and let the pills do their calming numbing work. The tones are crisp but not squeaky and Connor sings it like he’s putting a baby down for a nap… a baby who drinks sour mash. If you only listen to one tune off this record, make it this one. I think you’ll end up buying the rest.


I recommend finding this collection at one of Mr. Magyar’s local shows in Longmont. Catch him at