Antonio Lopez: Cloud 9000 vol. 2

Antonio Lopez:

Cloud 9000 Vol. 2


You ever take a bath? A nice hot bath can be really nice in these long cold winters up here in Colorado. This new album by my friend Antonio Lopez is like one of those great baths you get sometimes when the water is engagingly hot, the scented oils or salts or whatever are infused into the slow curls of steam wafting into the candle lit darkness. It’s genuinely relaxing without putting you to sleep. Part of this is the production of the work itself but the most essential element is the subtle and comforting performance of Antonio himself. He coaxes the listener into unwinding for a second, letting these songs work their magic.


He writes very singable and memorable songs. These are the kind of tunes they try to teach you to write in a songwriting school. By the second time you hear these choruses, you will be able to sing along with them. There are four songs in this collection, which is titled “Cloud 9000 Vol. 2”. I probably should have written about Vol. 1 before writing about this collection but this is how it turned out.


The back of the packaging reads

“This collection of songs is my farewell to the past. I chose to record in my childhood hometown so I could collaborate with musical mentors from my youth. I am proud to be from a small town.”


No, nothing about baths in there. I noticed that too. That’s ok. I suppose there is some kind of parallel between being comfortable with a close community and slipping into a great bath. I’ll not belabor it. Instead I’ll talk about my favorite song on the cd.


It is tough to pick which song to spotlight in such an excellent grouping. The tune Bluebird stands out as a perfect first track and introduces the album very well. The background vocals and the totally catchy chorus seem like some of the finest examples of great songsmanship that I’ve heard in a while. It’s a great tune that has a nice country sound while not sounding cliché. This is another local album mixed by tone master Justin Roth up in Fort Collins and so it sounds great but he’s not working alone here. This collection was recorded at Howlin’ Dog Records in Alamosa, CO and then mastered by Mr. Don Conoscenti down in Taos, NM. The result is a full and rich sound. This album has tons of low-end action happening. The acoustic guitar sounds like it’s twelve feet deep. That’s not an easy thing to capture let alone mix in with other sounds without making “audio-mud”. This guitar on this collection has a wonderful growl and hum to it that really fills the space in these songs, especially on the tune Both Sides Now. It makes for a rich album, full of dark tones, very subtly playing off each other and making plenty of room for some great vocal performances. The backing vocals on this collection are worth the price of admission all by themselves.


This album comes out soon. I know you’ll be so clever and go buy it as soon as you can. You can find out the full details at