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Vindication Brewing

We began playing at Vindication Brewing when it was Kettle & Stone Brewing. I'm just glad we got some growlers and stickers before items with the Kettle & Stone printing are a novelty and the old name has dropped out of the consciousness of the community. I expect that this will happen because the brews being created at Vindication Brewing are so good that I predict these guys will be around long enough to tell the tale of their past identity.

When we first started playing at Vindication Brewing, my absolute favorite brew was their Freedom Stout. It has a robust dark chocolate flavor that stands out in my mind as a frontrunner among other Colorado stouts. Just recently, my ways have been changed however. I've been introduced to their reddish IPA, Go Ask Alice, and she was won my heart and tastebuds over. This brew has a dry, fruity quality that is refreshing, flavorful, and dangerously drinkable.

Andy has picked favorites as well. Like me, he had his go-to brew which was the American Bold Ale. This brew is complex, it gives you a sense of smooth caramel while still retaining its light hoppy notes. This Bold Ale is also dangerously drinkable and with an ABV of 7.5%, we qualify it as more of a "sit at home" brew than a "play a show" brew. Vindication got hip to the idea that this brew is so darn likable that most drinkers will want more than one and created Bold 55. It has similar qualities to their classic Bold Ale, but has a much lower ABV so we can safely sip it throughout the show.

It seems that Vindication Brewing is on the rise. With so many craft breweries popping up in the area it's essential to have not only a great product, but a great crew of people behind the brews. These guys have it all and I expect that their taproom will start to feel small as their name travels to more ears. They host live music and food trucks, so check out their calendar and plan a night a brews, tunes, and tasty food. We might just see you there :)

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