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Front Range Favorites

Twisted Pine Brewery

Twisted Pine Brewery has become a regular show for us. We play there on Wednesdays once every 4-8 weeks. We've met lots of nice people there and tend to regularly see familiar Boulderites we've met from various events in the area.

Without fail, Andy orders a Honey Brown as soon as we walk in the place. He swears it helps him play a good show and I've noticed he  always gives the first few sips his furrowed brow nodding approval. I really like to eat nachos when we play at Twisted Pine, and getting a side of Billy's Chilies infused Chicken Chili and Guac for them is a must. You'd have to be a really determined person to eat a whole plate of these nachos alone, so I'm always stoked when I have a couple friends to share them with.

Twisted Pine Brewery hosts live music on Saturdays and Wednesdays. You can catch some great bluegrass picking at their Thursday night bluegrass jams as well. Check out their website and plan a night out sometime, there's always a new interesting brew on tap to try at Twisted Pine!

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