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Front Range Favorites

The Dickens Opera House & Tavern

The Dickens is one of our absolute favorite places in Longmont, it's a multi-level, multi-faceted spot.

The main level of The Dickens is considered The Tavern. They have live music in the bar area on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, usually a solo act or a duet, and drink specials during the music. When we play one of these weeknight shows, I always try and book us for a Tuesday since it's half-priced bottles of wine night. Our friends tend to respond well to that particular special.

Every time we play at The Dickens, we also have something delicious for dinner. My absolute favorite thing to order is their Strawberry Spinach Salad. You not only get your greens and a bit of fruit, you get to enjoy the sensation of crunchy, melty, warm and gooey fried goat cheese, mmmm I love it. If I'm in the mood for something a little heartier, I go for the Fried Polenta. It's an excellent vegetarian dish that makes eggplant taste divine. Andy has a favorite as well. I've seen him eat many meals and some of his happiest food faces were made while eating their Shaved Steak Sandwich with a side of fries.

The top level of The Dickens is The Opera House, this is where the weekend shows take place and it's always big big fun. They have a great stage that's a pleasure to play on and it's a beautiful room to spend an evening, sipping drinks and enjoying the band. The Opera House has full bands opposed to The Tavern's more mellow acts, so expect to have a party when you go to an upstairs show. You can still order from the excellent menu from The Tavern and they bring it up to you, so hanging out upstairs is a win all around.

Whether you are a local that just doesn't get out much or a visitor looking for a night on the town, The Dickens is a great place to hang out for a night and one of our absolute favorite places here in the Front Range. Read through their menu, find out who's playing, check for drink specials and plan yourself a great night!

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