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Georgia Boys

Anyone that has ever been to Georgia Boys will not be at all surprised that they are one of our favorites. Being from Texas, we still love good BBQ and these boys have the best around. When Andy and I first started as The Prairie Scholars, the main venue we played was Left Hand Brewery. I have fond memories of finishing a show and strolling over to the Georgia Boys tent to order a post show dinner. When we were playing our first shows, they were just getting up and running and were in food truck form. Now, they not only have a small location here in Longmont fondly known to the locals as "The Shack", they have expanded to a second location in Frederick that's a full restaurant and bar.


It's almost silly to try and recommend something from Georgia Boys because everything is so good. I suggest just going in for lunch until you've tried everything on the menu. However, for the sake of the pattern, I will tell you about my personal favorite items. I love their ribs, but I love love love their burnt ends. I've heard fellow Georgia Boys enthusiasts call them "Meat Candy". Their greens are an absolute must for Andy every time we go in and I am a huge fan of their sweet potato casserole. Although, I like to save it until the end of the meal and treat it like a dessert. Unless, of course, I have gone off the BBQ deep end and also added banana pudding or bread pudding to my order. It's easy to over order and take home leftovers, but I have never once heard a complaint in the Eppler house about having too much GB BBQ around for snacking.


Georgia Boys has grown fast in the last few years, but I have a feeling we're only seeing the beginning. They have a great reputation already and they are only gaining more momentum as time passes. Do yourself a favor and make plans to get some Georgia Boys BBQ, it's definitely a flavor to go out of your way for.

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Our whole family loves the Georgia Boys! But specifically, we love those pulled pork sandwiches and the burnt ends!!!! OMG!!! They should sell those at the movie popcorn!

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