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2020 Food and Wine Bar

We've been hearing whispers of how good 2020 Food and Wine Bar is for a while now, and we finally got to experience it first hand. Our first time to play at this charming little spot in Prospect was one of those snowy Colorado nights where you don't see a soul on the street, but when you walk into a mutually agreed upon hang out, there's a burst of warmth and energy. It was an absolutely beautiful night and a bit of a magical first impression that made this local wine bar a must for our Front Range Favorites.


There aren't a lot of wine bars in Longmont, so the fact that 2020 has a full bar, but focuses on wine is very appealing. The room feels elegant, yet inviting and it's easy to spend a good amount of time there without even noticing the hours pass. One excellent offering that I was drawn to right away is the wine flights. They do a few different versions, whites, blondes, reds, etc. They have a great selection, including some wines I've never tried, so I plan to keep going back until I've explored the whole menu. The food menu is well put together with options ranging from pizza for the serious snacker, to a surprisingly delicious warm bowl of nuts. They offer an assortment of salumis and cheeses that can be enjoyed in threes, fives, or individually. A few carefully chosen items from this menu paired with a wine flight can be a really excellent way to experience the flavors. I'll also give a quick mention to their Chocolate Truffles that are rolled in crushed marcona almonds. You don't think you'll eat the whole bowl, but believe me my friend, you will. If you haven't been in yet, put 2020 on your list of places to try, you'll quickly add them to your list of places to revisit.

2020 regularly hosts special events like wine tastings and dinners and they have live music every Saturday night. Go peruse their website and plan an outing for yourself, you'll be glad you did!

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