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Andy's Bio

Who is Andy Eppler? - Songwriter, Poet, Producer, Author, Painter, Co-Owner of The Prairie Scholars Llc and Velvet Syntax Publishing

Andy Eppler:

Born in Lubbock, Texas, in 1985 and raised by scholars in churches, Andy Eppler has always had a respect for the tradition of both southern wisdom and skepticism. He has become known for addressing high-minded topics such as humanity’s place in the universe, the role of authority, atheism, and community in his various art projects. Deemed “the future of Lubbock Music” at the Lubbock Centennial Celebration Opening Ceremony in 2008, Mr. Eppler is best known as a songwriter. He has written, recorded, and produced four solo albums of his original music, eight original albums with his wife as their band “The Prairie Scholars”, and one audio collection of his poems and short stories. Mr. Eppler has also recorded and produced five albums of solo material by his partner and bride Jessica Eppler. His work was featured and compared to that of Mac Davis, Terry Allen, and Butch Hancock in volume eight of Journal of the Society for American Music published by Cambridge University Press in 2014.


Though Mr. Eppler spends a lot of energy and time on recording albums and playing live shows with The Prairie Scholars, he also voraciously explores other art mediums. In 2014 he released a book titled “New Reason New Way: how my skepticism changed my art” which was about his life, art philosophy, and the functionality of creativity in the brain. In his new home of Boulder County Colorado, he has made time to create and sell dozens of psychedelically themed paintings in a large connected series called the “Yes Voice”. He is also the co-host of one of Boulder County’s most popular podcasts “The Prairie Scholars Podcast” which showcases long form interviews with local artists and community leaders. Today, he continues to push the boundaries of what an artist can be in the modern context by spending his extra time working locally in his community. Keep up to date on all his latest work at




Upcoming Events:

  • April 28, 2017
    High Hops Brewing ,  Windsor, CO
  • April 29, 2017
    Wolverine Farm letterpress and Publick House ,  Fort Collins, CO
  • April 30, 2017
    Samples World Bistro ,  Longmont, CO

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